DIY Lipstick

24 Sep

Hello All! This week we will be discussing how to create your own lipstick colors using crayons.  One day I was on YouTube trying to figure out what kind of “Do It Yourself” ideas would be helpful and affordable for young ladies like myself who love to stay on top of their beauty.  I came across a young woman who not only informed me of the many issues with lipsticks having lead in them but she also had a cool idea for alternatives.  Now one may think that your everyday crayon wouldn’t be used for anything but coloring or arts and crafts but how about a safe and healthy lipstick that pops.  Not only is it convenient but these lip colors are stylish and can go with almost anything.  When finding that perfect lipstick may be an issue this homemade recipe provides you with so many options.  There are only 4 key ingredients needed for a successful lipstick color so let’s get started on making your first one. 


1)      ½ teaspoon Castor Oil

2)      ½ teaspoon of 100% Shea Butter

3)      ½ of a crayon stick

*You may also like to add 2-3 drops of food grade essential oil for a scent. 

Blend the flowing ingredients together over a medium lit fire until they have melted and pour into a small storage container or even an old lipstick tube.   Then let cool in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.  You will now have colorful and smooth lipstick colors that work for the everyday you.  For more information visit




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