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Less Is More!!!

28 Oct

Hello All, This week we are taking a different turn and discussing the value of LESS IS MORE!  When it comes to make-up sometimes it is important to remember the less of a product you use the more the beautiful outcome will actually be.  When it comes to less is more you should not only consider whether or not you are using too much of the product but whether or not you are using it correctly.  Caking on layers of cosmetics is one not healthy for your skin but it takes away from the natural yet polished look that one may be looking for.  Not only will evaluating your make-up intake save you money but it will help you accomplish that perfect look. Below are tips on minimizing. 

Tips for minimizing your make-up needs:

  • Only apply foundation to the areas where needed. 
  • Invest in professional brow shaping which can help with clean arched brows that look polished even without make-up.
  • Consider sticking to more neutral and sheer lip colors that will reduce your need to constantly reapply.

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15 Oct

This week we will be discussing an issue that many of my friends and family members have been complaining about lately.  Since the weather has been changing so much lately it seems as though the issue with dry and itchy skin has become very common.  Lotion sometimes seems like it isn’t enough and so much more is needed.   The simple solution to many of our problems can be solved with a Do It Yourself body scrub that helps with dry skin and eliminates the need for your everyday lotion.  In fact, according to using a mixture of pure olive oil with ½ parts sea salt as in-shower body scrub your body will no longer be dry and there will no longer be a need for heavy use of your everyday lotions.  It is also said to be excellent for the winter weather and keeping your skin oily when needed.   So instead of worrying about that itchy skin try your daily use of scrubs in the shower in the comfort of your home.


DIY Hair Treatment

8 Oct

Hair Treatment

8 Oct

Hello All! This week I found a DYI Hair Treatment.  So many of us struggle with our hair and I have found that sometimes dry hair can be an issue even with my own.  So I searched and searched for many solutions to what might help reduce and help with dry hair and of course YouTube had plenty of DIY homemade recipes that I could afford.  And once again even if  I couldn’t afford them a few friends wouldn’t mind lending me the products in exchange for a beauty lesson or a hairstyle.  The hair treatment I found really looks like it may help and it contains key ingredients that are said to not only be healthy for your hair but also be helpful. The process is simple and fun so lets get started.  


–  1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

–  1 teaspoon of honey

–  1 egg

–  2 teaspoons of water

 *** Please note!!!

If you have really long hair you can use the entire mask.  If you have short hair you may want to store the rest of the mask in the fridge however this mask can only be stored for a short period of time. 

Blend the ingredients in a bowl and apply the homemade mask to your hair.   Let stand for about 10 to 15 minutes or at least until you have covered the entire head.   Rinse with warm water and shampoo and condition hair.  Your hair should be left feeling soft, refreshed, not to mention full of moisture.  When complete style hair as usual. 


1 Oct

This week we will be discussing one of the most important ways to stay healthy and look great by doing so.  It’s simple and many may not realize it but our bodies and health really depend on whether or not we get enough of it.  Yes, I’m talking about the joy of sleeping and getting a good night’s rest. While staying up late may seem pretty cool, receiving at least 8 hours of sleep is even cooler.  It keeps you energized throughout the day and it also gives your skin a glow. With enough sleep wreaks your skin looks great while not getting enough causes it to look dull which leads to breakouts.  So the next time you think about skipping a few hours think about the terrible toll it will have on your health.  Below are a few fun facts I wanted to share on the value of sleeping.  For more interesting facts about sleeping visit

Sleeping solves your problems
Sleeping on it really makes a difference.  
Sleep strengthens memory and extracts information from within the day, sleep actually “extracts the meaning of your day”, on some experiments people do better a task after going to sleep, the brain categorizes the information of the day.

Naps improve memory
Daytime naps improve memory! It also helps you remember important facts.
Naps also cut risk of heart disease.  

Sleep or be sick
sleep deprivation produces higher levels of corticosterone, a stress hormone and fewer brain cells are produced. Also the nerve cell production (neurogenesis) is severely disturbed and may be what produces the cognitive deficits with people with prolonged sleep deprivation.

It seems that the body processes sugar while in deep sleep, if you don’t sleep well, sugar levels in your body will rise dramatically.