15 Oct

This week we will be discussing an issue that many of my friends and family members have been complaining about lately.  Since the weather has been changing so much lately it seems as though the issue with dry and itchy skin has become very common.  Lotion sometimes seems like it isn’t enough and so much more is needed.   The simple solution to many of our problems can be solved with a Do It Yourself body scrub that helps with dry skin and eliminates the need for your everyday lotion.  In fact, according to using a mixture of pure olive oil with ½ parts sea salt as in-shower body scrub your body will no longer be dry and there will no longer be a need for heavy use of your everyday lotions.  It is also said to be excellent for the winter weather and keeping your skin oily when needed.   So instead of worrying about that itchy skin try your daily use of scrubs in the shower in the comfort of your home.


One Response to “Scrub!”

  1. Young Yogini November 14, 2012 at 7:01 am #

    I will have to try this! I love scrubs for my face, but I didn’t know you can use it to help with dry skin all over.

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