Less Is More!!!

28 Oct

Hello All, This week we are taking a different turn and discussing the value of LESS IS MORE!  When it comes to make-up sometimes it is important to remember the less of a product you use the more the beautiful outcome will actually be.  When it comes to less is more you should not only consider whether or not you are using too much of the product but whether or not you are using it correctly.  Caking on layers of cosmetics is one not healthy for your skin but it takes away from the natural yet polished look that one may be looking for.  Not only will evaluating your make-up intake save you money but it will help you accomplish that perfect look. Below are tips on minimizing. 

Tips for minimizing your make-up needs:

  • Only apply foundation to the areas where needed. 
  • Invest in professional brow shaping which can help with clean arched brows that look polished even without make-up.
  • Consider sticking to more neutral and sheer lip colors that will reduce your need to constantly reapply.

For more information or tips on how LESS IS MORE works visit http://www.wholeliving.com/136723/natural-makeup-essentials/@center/136762/natural-seasonal-beauty#21852


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